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Many of us struggle through the menopause with all of its inconvenient and frustrating symptoms as though it is something we have to accept. This may be because medication doesn't work for us or we are too scared to take it for fear of potential side effects. Reading this article gives an insight into how reflexology may be the answer. 👣 It can have a very positive effect on balancing hormones.…/could-reflexology-help-su…/  

Irritable Bowl Syndrome

IBS is so common and reflexology can help. Yet using complementary therapies such as reflexology to alleviate the symptoms maybe doesn't occur to everyone. If you suffer with IBS, this article may be of interest to you as it explains how reflexology can have a very positive effect.…/  

Hay Fever

Having suffered from congestion and all of the associated symptoms for years I know how frustrating it can be and how dependent we can become on medication. This is an interesting article on how beneficial reflexology can be for these types of issues. Worth a try!…/297-reflexology-for-hay-fe…  

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